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Kelly Lee Owens unleashes an unforgettable head and body trip with her glorious second EP

"Uncertain EP"

Release date: 31 July 2015
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22 July 2015, 11:30 Written by Ed Nash
Following her wonderful debut “Lucid”, Kelly Lee Owen’s Uncertain EP continues her journey of making music for the head and the body.

The songs here move seamlessly from the cerebral title track to the dancefloor abandon of its remix and a mighty trance reworking of “Lucid” itself. “Uncertain” has the same rarefied charm, caution and curiosity of her heroine Björk's “Venus As A Boy”, and there’s also a hint of Cocteau Twins’ Liz Fraser in her voice, with the expansive orchestration of the arrangement married to a lovely, ethereal vocal. Yet this isn’t to say her voice is fragile - it packs a punch when she needs it to and brings her songwriting to life quite beautifully.

When Lee Owens spoke to Best Fit last month she talked about how the instrumentation of “Uncertain” mirrors its lyrics, with the bassline of the verse expressing vulnerability and the more forceful bass of the middle eighth symbolising a desire to throw off such insecurity. She pulls this off with great élan; the closing line “Future you, future me” is followed by heady vocal gymnastics, the “Incessant doubts” disappear, and the song succumbs to sheer joy.

Phantasy Sound's Ghost Culture (who's engineering her upcoming album) mixes “Uncertain” into something else altogether. Staying with the Bjork comparison its more “Big Time Sensuality” than the insecurity of the original and the Acid House inspired beats communicate this vividly. The line “Imagine where this could lead…” suddenly becomes confident rather than unsure.

Given that Lee Owens used to work in a record shop, she understands the continuing allure of vinyl - the limited edition pressing of “Uncertain” will sell out very quickly methinks. If the job of the artist is to create songs of empathy, inspiration and originality, then Kelly Lee Owens ticks every box here.

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