Since 2020’s Falling Asleep At The Wheel EP, Holly Humberstone has been working with long-time producer collaborator Rob Milton on her latest offering; The Walls Are Way Too Thin. Continuing her brand of heartbreak and early-twenties angst, the EP turns up the heat on last year’s release – swapping out the slow and steady for the cinematic and dramatic.

It seems as though the helplessness and despair from the past has blossomed into sadness and understanding. Whether this is mourning her childhood home on “Haunted House”, or a relationship that could have been on title track “The Walls Are Way Too Thin”, Humberstone has upped her game and fuelled the fire of her career. Even on “Thursday” - the one track that harkens back the most to her last EP - there is a sense of maturity and growth from Humberstone that feels appropriate for 18 months away.

“Friendly Fire”, using a delightful acoustic arrangement, builds and swells with emotion as a perfect ending to the EP, and standout track “Scarlett” displays some incredible songwriting from the 21-year-old star. Her collaboration with The 1975’s Matty Healy on “Please Don’t Leave Just Yet” shines bright too, with unmistakable influence from Healy’s previous work merging perfectly with Humberstone’s vocal and style.

The Walls Are Way Too Thin is an EP from an undoubtedly rising star. From its songwriting to production, its emotive lyrical content to considered vocal performance, it’s a home run of a project. Holly Humberstone is destined for great things, and this EP is just the beginning.