With themes of toxic hookups in the rear view, love is still a focal point – yet maturity reigns supreme. The begging, unrequited love of the past is replaced by a more emotionally respective and matured artist hinged on doing it right. Giveon puts its quite simply in the intro of “Get To You”: “the last one was me kinda pushing her away / this one is me saying I’m ready”. He, essentially, takes the dive from toxic heartthrob to responsible lover. Determination and persistence in the pursuance of this love interest makes for a romantic journey through the mind of love-stricken star. This is an album you’ll listen to in the car on a lonely night’s drive.

The soothing nature of production is well complemented by beautiful baritone and reminiscent of an earlier form of R&B and soul music, one that is absent of traces of pop that riddles the genre contemporarily. With lead singles, “For Tonight” and “Lie Again” stealing the show, it feels the album was geared to build up towards the higher-flying vocals of the lead singles and wind down into the latter half of the album. The vocal range displayed is impressive with the artist usually sitting in the lower vocal range – the soaring higher pitches are a welcome addition to a masterful vocal repertoire. However, the sonic range of Give Or Take is limited, but can still be a captivating experience – meaning, it doesn’t necessarily have 'bangers', though that isn’t to say this isn’t a valuable listening experience.

If you’re looking for an authentic, soulful experience, then this is the album for you. As Giveon turns the page on yet another heartbreak, listeners are granted another opportunity to grovel alongside in the result of pure intimacy and devotion. Adding to the growing list of albums with a deeply personal approach released this year, this might be the most heartfelt and longing. The matured viewpoint of a growing artist is worth the due diligence alone.