Gita Buhari is an explorer in her own right – her delightful mixes of soul, electronica and some jazz flourishes produce a fun and eccentric style which often lands on the right side of joyous. Blood Lily contains this same identity that she first popularized with "Mariama" and has been honing ever since.

The 6-song EP is a surprisingly cohesive project, its strongest point is a noticeable character which shines through from the intro to the final track. Thematically, Blood Lily explores relationships, identity and personal introspection. Now, this mix of topics may seem very heavy at first, but they are handled quite delicately over the record's runtime. "Intro" begins with whirring synths and scratches, setting the scene for Buhari's ominous vocals to enter – which are a delight. She meanders around the different sounds and instrumentals on the EP, capably commanding each song with her unique tone.

"Black Water" is another pretty interesting cut from the EP. The chorus on the track stands out the most. Buhari's repeated calls of "Black water!" are met in sync with a thumping bassline and some synth flourishes, which provide an added punch. The title track, however, is a high. "Blood Lily" leads off on a more sombre note, as we really get to focus on the lyrics, with much of the excitable instrumentals from earlier in the EP stripped away. The musings on love and relationships hit harder as Gita Buhari contemplates the dilemma of getting into a relationship with its downsides or risk being alone. "I can't give you my heart", she sings to a mysterious love interest, and her reason is quite simple: "What if you want more".

Blood Lily is sonically colourful and features the vocal performance of a talented singer in Buhari. Overall, it is a solid step forward which reinforces the identity of a fascinating young artist.