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Do All Words Can Do attempts to flesh out Fucked Up’s much loved David Comes To Life

"Do All Words Can Do"

Release date: 25 March 2022
Fucked up do art
28 March 2022, 07:26 Written by Hannah Broughton
Veteran Canadian hardcore punk band Fucked Up have put together a record comprised of tracks from their celebrated David Comes To Life era, all previously only released on 7”. Upon announcing the release, the band explained: “For anyone who says the story makes no sense, this LP is here to help it feel more convoluted and more romantic at the same time”.

For some context, the album David Comes To Life – released just over a decade ago – is a highly ambitious record detailing the story of a lightbulb factory worker in England during Thatcherite Britain in the ‘70s and ‘80s. It is described as a rock opera, and is nothing short of epic in its delivery, leading it to be widely considered as one of the best albums of 2011.

Do All Words Can Do will no doubt be relished by Fucked Up’s already die-hard fans, but as a record on its own it predictably lacks the same impact as David Comes To Life. The title track is a high-energy thrill ride, whilst adding some further context to the original story of David, and “Remember Me” is particularly powerful and emotive. “What They Didn’t Know” is probably one of the most insightful and strong moments on the album, building into a harmonic musical interlude and finally ending with singer Damian Abraham screaming the internal monologue of David “I’ve been waiting for so long, but I can’t get through to you…”.

At just 27 minutes long, Do All Words Can Do is a short burst of punk tracks packed with the nostalgia of an era in music that perhaps isn’t as relevant now, but can definitely still pack a punch. It provides further context to a much loved previously released album/story, to be enjoyed by it’s fans and maybe gain some more along the way.

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