With their sixth album in four years, there's absolutely no utterance of anything going stale. From the moment “Death Grips Are Online” hits, a hard-pumping ‘90s throwback epic opener with no intention other than to entrap you and leave you wanting more, it's all-out warfare. The dissonant guitars light the fire beneath the driving beat and tumultuous noise; this is the MO throughout.

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the bombardment. The flickers of the darkly sexual, the criminal and the nightmarish sway above their electronic minefield canvas; to put it simply, Death Grips have never been afraid of pushing ever boundary around them, and Year Of The Snitch is no different. Even the morbid death-lust of “Flies” feels like it’s made to terrify you away, but there’s always a nuanced element that lures you back in, offering a perversely beautiful resolution.

If the chaos and madness of everything Death Grips have done so far has been able to find an enthusiastic audience worldwide, then there’s no reason why the world around Year Of The Snitch can’t do the same thing. After all, the noise is just a challenge, the survival of the fittest, if you will. And if you can balance your mind enough to unpack it all and see the beauty amongst the barrage, there’s great work here.