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Cold Years manage to find hope in anger on an anthem-loaded debut


Release date: 04 September 2020
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02 September 2020, 20:32 Written by Niamh Moore
It may be titled Paradise but don’t let Cold Years’ first full-length album fool you.

After delaying the initial release date, the Aberdeen rockers will finally unleash their highly anticipated debut record with a title that bears no resemblance to the music found within.“It’s a record that’s angry because as a generation we feel like we’ve been sold short,” explains vocalist Ross Gordon.

After scratching the original release date last year, Cold Years refocused and regrouped. Having gone through some major life changes, from divorces to house moves, it seems that taking the time to reflect and pour their soul into the music may have been an inspired one.

Whilst the journey towards Paradise may have been long and personal, the narrative that runs throughout the record is relatable. A sense of dissatisfaction towards society can be felt throughout the 13 tracks which perfectly encapsulates the feelings of frustration and anger in a post-Brexit Britain.

Musically the distinctive snarls of the Gordon coupled with the full-throttled burst of raging guitars and frenzied drums mirror the brooding themes that linger throughout. "62 (My Generation’s Falling Apart)" highlights this angst through the direct lyrics “My generation is falling apart / and we were born without a chance / the fuse is blown / SOS”

Whilst the themes may be heavy, the quartet succeed in creating tracks that demand to be sung in full voice. From the hands-in-the-air chorus during "Too Far Gone" to the anthemic "Life with a View," the band take their straight-to-the-point songwriting and pair it with an earworm of a melody that is sure to stay with the listener as the final notes ring out.

Yet, peppered throughout Paradise are glimpses of hope. From the affectionate "Night Like This" to the acoustic closer "Hunter," which showcases Gordon's vulnerability beautifully, these rare moments act as a reminder to look for the good in the bad and the hope in the despair. In today's world, that is something we all need to be reminded of.

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