When music inspires, evokes and, indeed, provokes, it's at its very best. Pressing play can open up a world that, until now, might have been completely unexplored. A world that, for whatever reason, has felt out of touch and distant. On Close Proximity and the Unhindered Care-all, Celer manage to create an almost alternative world, like exploring the travels and experiences of your day, but through someone else's eyes. Like Alice Through The Looking Glass, everything feels similar yet oddly different.The three pieces of music that make up the album each last around the 20 minute mark. Opener 'Culling The Past From Unsentient Weeks' is the most impressive. The swirling and looping rumbles of music are hooked around sounds that bring to mind walking through a park, birds chirping and gravel crunching under foot. There's a section where you can hear the morning arguments of a household, as if you're peering over the garden fence, watching the breakfast table as the momentum of the day takes hold. It feels oddly perverse and voyeristic as the voices continue, oblivious to your presence. In fact, the swirling synth feels like your soul floating through this morning scene, taking you on a journey out of your body and away.'Indentions On Summits Of Hands' brings to mind Aphex Twin's early, ambient, work. The flowing bass line acts as an anchor to the elaborate and floating sounds arcing through it. Gone are the "found sounds" of the opener, but this doesn't stop this from still feeling organic. As it unfirls, the static builds and reminds me of the sounds of a waterfall, like the one gracing the cover art. From there, it moves a little more skyward. The tones and loops feel very "001: Space Odyssey. 'Tended Pouring' brings us back down to earth though, as the everyday sounds scuttle around the building waves of tones. The way the album progresses like this, it's almost like a dream. You wake up, go to work, day dream at your desk, then head home to your more rooted existence. I'm not sure if it's depressing or inspirational. I'm erring on the latter, as the album ends on a wave of noise and euphoric notes... as if you've just broke through the surface of the usual hum drum of existence into the light.Close Proximity is a gentle, haunting and evocative piece of ambient music. Whilst it becomes increasingly difficult to make a name and a definitive sound for oneself in this genre, Celer have found the key part: inspiration. Each time I play this album I catch other sounds and movements, my mind is brought to different memories and places. In the end, this is the most basic, but also the most important, ability that music confers.RECOMMENDED