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"La Lucha Constante"

Algodón Egipcio – La Lucha Constante
18 March 2011, 09:00 Written by Gina Louise

Algodón Egipcio (or Egyptian Cotton to those of us who are shy of a Spanish Dictionary) is the moniker for Venezuelan artist Ezequiel “Cheky” Bertho, and though he may not be the best known artist on the elcectronic drone scene, his music shows a great deal of potential. His solo work is a far cry from Jóvenes y Sexys (the duo he plays in when he’s not churning out his own electronica), but is equally as mature in its composition.

His debut album La Lucha Constante is a dizzying expanse of electronic loops, samples and shoegazing rhythms. It spans a multitude of genres, bringing together a whole host of styles and influences that keeps you on your toes just waiting for that next loop or hook.

La Lucha Constante opens with finger picked melodies that gradually melt into a harmonious drone. You are immediately dropped into a field of dreamy pop, full of innocence and aspiration – perfect for hazy summer days. Okay, so we’re not quite there yet, but shut your eyes and listen to this synthetic music popsicle and for just under an hour you might be able to forget you’re in a bleak city full of wind, rain and snot boxes.

Incredibly, half of La Lucha Constante was recorded in a week, meaning some of its raw, rough around the edges beauty remains intact. It’s good, dynamic pop, with an undercurrent of maturity and grace. A beautifully scripted album, and one that really allows you get to know the man behind the moniker.

As I previously mentioned, Spanish was never one of my fortes at school; yet Cheky manages to create a relaxed intimacy in his music that envelopes your mind into a conversation that bridges language barriers. Who needs to speak in dialogue when you can converse with the medium of music? Okay, so it might not be that practical when ordering a Big Mac in a drive through, but you get the jist. This is elegant, lucrative drone, and Algadon Egipcio is quite the orator.


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