News of Rarities 2007-2010 arrives alongside a 10th anniversary reissue of Women's second and final album Public Strain.

"Everyone Is So In Love With You" lands today (28 September) as a first taster of the Calgary band's rare material that will be made available for the first time this Friday (2 October).

The 10th anniversary reissue of Public Strain will be pressed on clear vinyl, and is expected to ship in November.

Women released two albums - Women and Public Strain - before the band's career came to a halt two years later after the death of guitarist Christopher Reimer.


  1. Everyone Is So In Love With You
  2. Bullfight
  3. Service Animal
  4. Grey Skies
  5. Group Transport Hall (Alternate Version)
"Everyone Is So In Love With You" is out now. Women's Rarities 2007-2010 EP will be released digitally this Friday (2 October). Physical copies will follow on 22 January 2021, and is available to pre-order.