For all those people angry at the likes of Urban Outfitters selling their own record players and Starbucks shifting coffee-shop compilation albums, look away now, as eco-friendly supermarket chain Whole Foods are set to introduce some vinyl to their stores.

Obviously not satisfied with just the organic food market, the Austin-based company are looking to get a foothold in the recent vinyl revival, the growing sales of which owe a lot to the younger generation.

As LA Weekly report, five of the organisation’s 340 stores introduced musical stock over the weekend, with their West Hollywood branch selling LPs from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Daft Punk, Tegan & Sara, Emeli Sande and more.

It’s not yet known whether executives will implement the selling of music on a national or worldwide basis or not after this trial run.

Until more is known, check out a photo of one of Whole Foods’ vinyl displays below: