Marina Diamandis released the track on her birthday last month (10 October), and will continue to reveal one track a month through her "Froot of the Month" club until her album's release April 2015.

Speaking to us about the "FROOT" video in our recent interview, Diamandis said:

"It's not about anything really, just six different setups... Chino Moya did it. He's a Spanish director who did St. Vincent's “Digital Witness”. It was filmed in an amazing palace called Eltham Palace. I think it's National Trust protected... the video is a visual feast!"

Read our full world exclusive interview where Diamandis details her forthcoming record, explains how she learned to be happy, and discusses the influence of disco and Brody Dalle.

Watch below.

FROOT is out 6 April 2015 on Atlantic.