Patrick Stickles & Co. are previewing their follow up to 2015 rock opera The Most Lamentable Tragedy with a 10-minute short film containing the new track. Ray Concepcion directs the short film, which actually serves as a lengthy trailer for an hour-long 'making of' album doc - visit over the coming weeks for more clips and info about the group's "new phase". Today sees the launch of a "thorough and wide-ranging interview" by Ryan Walsh about the album's origins and its position in Titus Andronicus' canon.

A Productive Cough was recorded in New Paltz, New York with producer Kevin S. McMahon.

"[Titus Andronicus] records have always had their fair share of ballads," Stickles says of the album's sound, "but they were always buried. Now, they are the cornerstones."


  1. Number One (In New York)
  2. Real Talk
  3. Above the Bodega (Local Business)
  4. Crass Tattoo
  5. (I'm) Like A Rolling Stone
  6. Home Alone
  7. Mass Transit Madness (Goin' Loco')
A Productive Cough is out 2 March via Merge.