This gooey newie joins up with "Boundary Loves" and "Gargantua" to preview the duo's second record.

"'Caramel' is a song about choosing to romanticise what you lose after a break up - basically a whole language that only one other person speaks," says the band's Marcus Pepperell. "It's about missing that level of intimacy and staying in touch to maintain it, against all your better judgements."

We spoke to Thumpers recently about their return and the new release, and Pepperell said "Caramel" was a tough one to finish: "[It] went through about three totally different rhythms every day we tried it. The drums were set up in the kitchen of this house we were recording in, and I would hear Jack [Hamson Jr.] recording hours of different drum patterns, swearing, recording, etc. while I was trying to write lyrics and I'd think, 'yeah maybe I'll just give him like half an hour more before I go back in there with nothing...'"


  1. World Removed
  2. Gargantua
  3. '99'
  4. Wolf Ways
  5. Caramel
  6. That Waterfall
  7. Life All In
  8. Bray
  9. Boundary Loves
  10. Shot Through
Whipped & Glazed is out 1 September via True Say.