The trio from Wandsworth took the stage with a flash of electrifying synths and brooding baselines that packed the central stadium at Super Bock Super Rock to its brim. The balance rota of earlier hits and newer releases was laced with intermittent surprises, like crowd favourite “Sunset” off of Coexist bleeding seamlessly into a cover of Madonna’s “Ray of Light”.

The show marked the end of the European leg that’s seen the three-piece travel the world over the past two years since the release of their third studio album I See You in 2017. “Today’s a special day for us, this is our last show in Europe—we’ve been on tour for two years and in that time, some of our crew have had babies,” bassist and co-lead Oliver Sims confessed.

“I want you all to look after yourselves and each other, but I want you to enjoy yourself. You’re all far too stressed,” he continued, before introducing “Fiction” with a shout out to the queer community: “This next song is dedicated to all the LGBTQ people here tonight. I love you, I see you, I’m one of you. This one’s for you!”

Super Bock Super Rock continues tonight through to Saturday evening with Stormzy, Sevdaliza, and more.