Portland indie-punks, The Thermals have announced they are have signed to influential Omaha label Saddle Creek for their new record.

The LP, entitled Desperate Ground, will come out via the imprint on 16 April.

Before then, however, the trio will re-issue their first three albums released from 2003-2006: More Parts per Million,
Fuckin A and The Body, the Blood, the Machine.

Saddle Creek’s informal press release explains the move was a natural one:

“ have been bros for years. … The Thermals have toured with Cursive, Hutch and Kathy put on the very first Bright Eyes show in Portland, and The Faint used to crash on Hutch’s floor.”


The album’s tracklist is as below:

1 Born to Kill
2 You Will Be Free
3 The Sunset
4 I Go Alone
5 The Sword By My Side
6 You Will Find Me
7 Faces Stay With Me
8 The Howl of the Winds
9 Where I Stand
10 Our Love Survives