Swift died in July 2018 aged 41 after being diagnosed with "hepatitis and liver and kidney distress in June".

In July 2019 - one year on from Swift's death - The Shins' Yuuki Matthews dropped a collaborative album with Swift.

Now The Shins have shared two new tracks which are dedicated to their former collaborator, "Waimanalo" and "Trapped By the Sea".

The two tracks are part of a 7" vinyl series called the Fug Yep Soundation, launched in tribute to Swift.

"Waimanalo" and "Trapped By the Sea" are both written and produced by James Mercer.

Richard Swift's final album The Hex was released in September 2018.

The Shins' "Waimanalo" and "Trapped By the Sea" singles are out now. The 7" vinyl is available to pre-order via fugyep.org.