Posting the minute-long video on Twitter, Bradbury wrote, "This was a simple mathematical equation. The bloke might have been armed but he was five inches shorter than me and probably weighed three or four stone less. I knew he had no chance of overpowering me if I got my hand on it. In reality one should probably run away in situations like this."

Yesterday, London duo Real Lies posted about it on Twitter, writing, "My mate Joey from The Rhythm Method nonchalantly disarmed some bloke wielding a machete outside a karaoke bar we were all in last night. I can’t stop watching the footage back. An absolute hero who could have saved multiple lives. Fucking hell."

Montreal band Stars also gave a shout out to the band on Twitter, writing, "just another reason The Rhythm Method are one of our faves: you come in with a machete, they are fucking having none of it. come see them metaphorically disarm you of your emotional machete when they open for us Scala London on sept. 30th. and listen to real lies, they are SICK."

While multiple tweets label the weapon as a "machete", Bradbury later confirmed that the weapon was actually a "sharp piece of iron work," adding, "Off a fence or out of a fire place. But up for calling it a machete."

The Rhythm Method play London's Scala on 30 September. Find out more.