The track's an '80s-tinged piece of skewiff indie-rock, with jagged guitars, off-kilter synths and soaring vocal harmonies. It's a punchy cut, and offers plenty of earworms; the band verge on anthemic stadium noises and intimate whispered ditties, carefully striking a balance between the two.

Speaking about the track and video, the band's Will Popadic said:

"Stringer is a song that, for me, really represents the whole reason we reuinted the band. It started as a little chirpy all synth demo I made by myself, but once the full band got their hands on it the song became something wlse entirely. I think its a good mix between the electronic leaning and indie rock sides of our collective personality. The video was directed by our good friend Manny Nomikos over a wacky weekend on Long Island NY. Manny is a longtime The Jaguar Club fan, and really took to the song, so we basically let him run wild with it. It was a lot of fun to make!"

"Stringer" features on the band's Close EP, which is out now on Sleepwalking.

Stream the "Stringer" video below.