The 18-minute video sees Jack Black and Kyle Gass visit Jack White's Third Man Records HQ in Nashville, before heading to Jack White's house to record their collaboration.

Speaking about the collaboration in the video, Jack Black says, "We just finished recording a new song at Jack White's home studio. I wish you could've been filming because it was magical. Me and KG kicked out the jams in record time—that was a really fast recording session."

Although the cameras weren't allowed to film inside of White's house, Black says of his abode, "Dude his house is crazy. I've never seen so many cool antiqued toys, and like, little moviolas, and furniture. I mean, it's what you would expect - Jack White's house is gonna be off the chain. I'm still floating."

He adds of the song, which they recorded on an 8-track, "It's a stone cold jam."

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