Lizzo is yet to follow up her 2019 album Cuz I Love You, and hasn't released new music since 2019's remix of "Good as Hell" with Ariana Grande.

SZA, who released her latest single "Good Days" just last month, seemed to hint on Twitter yesterday (18 January) that she's heard one of Lizzo's new songs. Although SZA dubbed it as "the best song I ever heard in my life", she didn't reveal if it was a new song or not.

The full tweet reads, "Lizzo really jus played me the best song I ever heard in my life I’m crying lmao like really."

Last week Lizzo revealed via Instagram that this year has left her feeling "disappointed" and with "a broken heart". She wrote, "2021 has already left me disappointed w a broken heart. I am holding onto hope but it’s slipping through my grip. Life is beautiful though, so I’ve decided to sit and feel everything. Though it hurts like hell... I am grateful for feelings."

Lizzo is yet to announce new music for 2021, and SZA is due to follow up her 2017 album CTRL, but there's no release date or title yet.