Best known for her massive hit "Release Me", we caught up with the singer/songwriter last year in Stockholm to talk all about her comeback and the sources of inspiration for her dance-inspired comeback EP Nothing Can Compare. The seven-track collection is littered with throwback references as is the strings-assisted "Good Life", a standalone single released earlier this year.

On her new single Agnes continues to incite ideas from the past. ""Fingers Crossed" was inspired by the sense that nothing is impossible, because nothing is impossible," Agnes explains. "It’s a song that can lift you up to new dimensions and like a peaceful tank it crushes everything in its way. The song does not excuse itself and I don’t excuse myself. I welcome you now to my party, and it’s my party so… I can do what I want to."

For Agnes disco represents more than just a sound. "It’s music that can touch the big questions we meet in life, the struggle and pain but at the same time see the light in the tunnel," she tells us. "It’s open for everybody, whoever you are. You are free here. As the old jazz legend Sun Ra created a world with his music for people to be welcomed and accepted, it’s the same for me."

Having spent almost two years away from the spotlight, Agnes' latest releases are inspired by her time spent embracing her spirituality, travelling around the world and meeting new people. Channeling her love of nightlife and her eye-opening experiences into her songwriting, Agnes is set to continue her exploration as she shares more new music.

"Fingers Crossed" is out now.