Kannberg, who co-founded both Pavement and Preston School of Industry, today announces long-awaited second LP Doris and The Daggers. It follows debut The Real Feel which was released in 2009.

The wonderfully absurd video for lead single "Dance (Cry Wolf)" is directed by Joe Salinas and stars Jason Lytle of Grandaddy.

Kannberg originally intended to build the LP at Seattle's Orbit Studios and "record the whole thing in a week, like the old days," but just a month before sessions began long-time collaborator Darius Minwalla passed away - Minwalla was booked to drum on the new album, just as he had on The Real Feel - and the album was thrown into disarray. Eventually it got back on track, months later, with fresh input from friend Kelley Stoltz: "His influence made me turn the record in an entirely different direction."

Doris and The Daggers features guest contributions from The National's Matt Berninger and Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew. Matt Harris returns on the bass, while Drew's bandmate Justin Peroff is on drumming duties.

The album was recorded at Exactamundo studios in Eagle Rock, California.

"I guess I’ve been writing songs for a while now," says Kannberg. "I like hearing echoes of things I love in the music that I make. Writing music doesn’t come easy to me - it’s hard to write a song that’s good. But our memories slowly escape us as we get older, and in songs you kind of relive those moments, the things that matter."


  1. Dance (Cry Wolf)
  2. Emoshuns
  3. Dundee Man
  4. AWM
  5. No Comparison
  6. The Unconditional
  7. Trams (Stole My Love)
  8. Exiled Tonight
  9. Angel Eyes
  10. Doris and The Daggers
Doris and The Daggers is released 24 March via Domino.