As well as yesterday's Frakkur: 2000-2004, a solo LP from frontman Jonsí assembling electronic compositions, there will be a series of edits under the name Liminal Remixes from Jonsí, composer Paul Corley, and producer/composer Alex Somers. Jonsí and Somers are also issuing their All Animals EP (a bonus CD originally put out with their collaborative record Riceboy Sleeps), as well as a series of new offerings from Somers.

Sigur Rós are also picking some "musical highlights" from their massively ambitious 2016 project Route One and releasing that as another record.

These new releases will be available as a limited-edition vinyl records at Sigur Rós' upcoming Icelandic festival Norður Og Niður, with any unsold copies being made available through the band's online shop.

Sigur Rós are currently working on a new record, which is reportedly out next year.