"religion (u can lay your hands on me)" is the second taster of Shura's forthcoming record, arriving after March's "BKLYNLDN".

Shura's second album follows on from her 2016 debut Nothing's Real, and is, in her own words, "a soul record, sung by someone who doesn’t have a traditional soul voice. And I quite enjoy the antagonism of that."


  1. thats me, just a sweet melody
  2. side effects
  3. religion (u can lay your hands on me)
  4. the stage
  6. tommy
  7. princess leia
  8. flyin’
  9. forever
  10. control
  11. skyline, be mine
"religion (u can lay your hands on me)" is out now. Shura's new album forevher drops 16 August via Secretly Canadian. Shura plays London's Moth Club on 19 June. Find out more.