The band's third record isn't even announced yet, but Pecknold replied on Instagram that their fourth would be "within 24 months of LP3 according to contract."

Despite there being a plan for their next next album, it's still unknown what shape it'll take.

"LP4 not written at all," Pecknold explains. "Everything has gone into LP3, but a solo album is pretty [much] written and [we] will be working on four as soon as three is done."

As well as this fantastic bombshell, Pecknold reveals that his solo venture will be "so casual" and that he's "not trying to stir the pot with that at all."

LP4 moodboard

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Fleet Foxes recently announced plans for a lengthy 2017 tour. Last month the band revealed that their long-awaited new record is “alllllmost done”.

Fleet Foxes last released an album five years ago - 2011's Helplessness Blues.