Ritchie's upcoming short-player will feature five new tracks and act as an "epilogue" to acclaimed debut You're A Man Now, Boy.

Mind The Gap features input from regular collaborators Chris Loco, Justin Broad, and Paul Herman, plus additional production and mixing from Grammy winner Anthony Kilhoffer (Kanye West, John Legend).

"The reason I want to put this EP out is to kind of cap off this year," says Ritchie. "My album came out at the top of 2016, and I felt like there was still stuff I hadn't said, or stuff that I wanted to say with the record but they weren't things that fitted, so I think of this as an epilogue. It's not a complete departure, or a new sound, but more of a tag. I needed some closure before moving on to the second album. So Mind The Gap is a closing of You're A Man Now, Boy before the new year starts."

Ritchie's Mind The Gap EP is out 16 December.