The band have posted a statement revealing their thoughts around last month's second inquest into the death of Scott Johnson after the stage collapsed before Radiohead's Toronto Downsview Park show in 2012.

Senior Coroner Nicola Mundy concluded that the death was due to "Inadequate technical advice on construction and design coupled with wholly inadequate construction techniques."

Radiohead write in their statement, "After seven years, two inquests and a trial that, as a result of a technicality, was never concluded, we finally have an answer."

The band goes on to state, "We all acknowledge that no one intended for Scott to die."

Radiohead go on to reveal that only one person has accepted responsibility for Johnson's death so far, "To date, only Optex staging company owner Dale Martin has taken any ownership of his role in the tragedy ... It is time for those others responsible to finally and publicly admit their part in this terrible incident. We invite them to offer their apologies to Scott's family and friends for what they have endured, and to our surviving crew for the physical injuries and the mental trauma they have suffered."

In 2018 Radiohead returned to Toronto for a show at the Scotiabank Arena, where vocalist Thom Yorke addressed the tragedy, "The people who should be held accountable are still not being held accountable in your city. The silence is fucking deafening."

Last month Thom Yorke signed an open letter addressing climate hypocrisy alongside hundreds of other celebrities.