"Different Tune" is the band's fourth single from Welcome Break, following August's "You Don’t Want This", "It Should Have Been Fun" and "Keep It Together", and is teamed with a live performance video by Kilian Kayser, Willem Smit and Leonieke Daalder.

Pip Blom says of the new release, ""Different Tune" really is the sentimental track on the record. The verses are pretty empty, and mostly revolve around the singing. So when the chorus hits the impact is even more. The trombone that’s slightly out of key in the chorus really strikes a chord for me. The bridge feels a bit like there's a break through happening. As if there’s finally some sun after weeks of dark and rainy weather :) I hope this song can turn into an anthem. One can dream ..."

Welcome Break will follow Pip Blom's 2019 debut album Boat, and is a self-produced album recorded at Ramsgate’s Big Jelly Studios.

The title of Pip Blom's second album was inspired by the British motorway service station Welcome Break.

"Different Tune" is out now. Pip Blom's Welcome Break album will be released 12 November via Heavenly Recordings, and is available to pre-order now.