Offering a simple explanation about the album opening track, the three-piece say, "This song is about the hottest boy in school. Girls want him. Boys want him. Teachers too."

Pinky Pinky's upcoming debut album arrives after last year's Hot Tears EP, and will feature last month's "Do Me Dirty (Charlie)".


  1. My Friend Sean
  2. Mystery Sedan
  3. Floorboards
  4. Lady Dancer
  5. Applecheeks
  6. Do Me Dirty (Charlie)
  7. Mr. Sunday
  8. All The Birds
  9. If It Didn't Hurt
  10. Sticking Around
  11. Loose Change
"My Friend Sean" is out now. Turkey Dinner lands 14 June via Innovative Leisure. Pinky Pinky play London's Thousand Island on 10 May. Find out more.