"2 Chords Good" is utterly nostalgic, and really embodies that feel-good vibe that Palma Violets had. This time round it's more intense, as Gently Tender wind up to a euphoric and anthemic chorus that seems entirely glued to our British heritage.

Built on a pub conversation that occured in 2016, frontman Sam explained, "The song is essentially me replaying that moment in my mind, and almost kicking myself about my average and weak response [‘Probably yeah’] to her question, ‘Are you going to put some more chords on your new album?’” He continues, “The song is me talking to myself … and making excuses like I was feeling ‘kinda stressed that day’. I had been suffering with anxiety at the time of the meeting, but as I gradually formulate what the answer should have been, I cultivate pictures in my mind of visions and scenes that move me; memories of ‘golden evenings’ and ‘sunlit canals’ and songs that I have loved."

While the collation of Palma Violets and The Big Moon is fantastic in itself, it's even better to see them pursuing a wholesome sound that'll undoubtedly translate brilliantly live.

Gently Tender are currently recording their debut album. "2 Chords Good" is available now via Big Score, and will be getting a limited 7" vinyl release. Gently Tender have also announced a debut performance at London's The Lexington on 26 September. Find out more.