As Reykjavík Grapevine reports, hundreds of residents in West Reykjavík's Vesturbær neighbourhood have proposed to erect a statue of Kanye West after taking part in the city’s My Neighbourhood project.

My Neighbourhood allows residents to suggest ideas to improve their local area. Laugardalur residents proposed for their local library Sólheimasafn to be expanded, and in Kjalarnes residents want to find new ways to improve the beach and hot tubs, but in Vesturbær, a statue of Kanye West is apparently what local residents want the most, with over 700 residents backing the statue proposal.

If the statue of Kanye West goes ahead, residents are proposing that it should be erected on the grounds of Vesturbæjarlaug Swimming Pool.

The idea came from Kanye West fan Aron Kristinn Jónasson, who backed his proposal by suggesting that "tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of tourists could come here and visit the statue." Jónasson added, "For Kanye West, it would be a great honour to have a statue erected. I just challenge the city authorities to listen to the young people."

Eiríkur Búi Halldórsson, the manager of the My Neighbourhood consultation project, revealed that they had more ideas submitted this year than previous years, "1,321 ideas were submitted, which is a considerable increase from the previous year, and the year before."

On whether the statue of Kanye West will go ahead, Haldórsson added, "I can’t rule it out now, but I can’t promise anything."

Last month Kanye West's Sunday Service Choir celebrated Christmas Day with the release of their Emmanuel EP.