"No Nightmares" features The Weeknd and additional vocals from Caroline Polachek, and arrives as part of Daniel Lopatin's Midday Suite EP, which also includes Magic Oneohtrix Point Never songs "Cross Talk II", "I Don't Love Me Anymore", "Bow Ecco" and "The Weather Channel".

The Midday Suite drop lands after last month's lead outings "Cross Talk I", "Auto & Allo" and Caroline Polacheck collaboration "Long Road Home".

Magic Oneohtrix Point Never's title is inspired by a misheard enunciation of Boston’s Magic 106.7 radio station.

The album will be Oneohtrix Point Never's first since 2018's Age Of, although he did release his score for Uncut Gems last year.

"Cross Talk II", "I Don't Love Me Anymore", "Bow Ecco", "The Weather Channel" and "No Nightmares" are all out now. Oneohtrix Point Never's Magic Oneohtrix Point Never album will be released via Warp on Friday (30 October), and is available to pre-order now.