"Captain Loosely" is the latest offering from Oh Sees' forthcoming album Face Stabber, arriving after earlier singles "Henchlock", "Poisoned Stones", and "Heartworm".

John Dwyer of Oh Sees says of their new single, "In reflection of the very recent murder of innocents in El Paso , we send our love to the victims and the victims families. We record in Tornillo TX (right near El Paso) and are very much in love with the people and families of these border cities. We paired up with Matt Yoka to make this minute dream scape of life and commotion on the border in these often brutal times. People from anywhere on the planet have the right to ask for asylum in our country. This is one of the building blocks of our nation that we are failing to uphold. Hate and fear have been a cancer in the dark corners of our country through its history, violently making its way to the surface. We must resist and fight this evil at all costs."

Director Matt Yoka adds, "This video is a space for reflection. How has this bad dream become our reality? Now, with news of the hateful massacre that occurred in El Paso... I fear we are slipping further into a nightmare. I pray that love and empathy will wake us up soon."

Oh Sees' new double album Face Stabber arrives a year after Smote Reverser.

"Captain Loosely" is out now. Oh Sees' Face Stabber album arrives 16 August via Castle Face. They play London's Troxy on 6 September. Find out more.