"Human Error" was first uploaded in December 2018 as an intimate live session, before being released on digital platforms today.

The tender track is produced by Thomas Bartlett (St. Vincent, Florence & the Machine, The National), and is the first taste of her next record, that intends to be more intimate than her previous releases, "Since the release of my latest album, I've experienced the biggest ups and downs of my private life," explains Oh Land.

It has been a whirlwind of a year for the Danish singer/songwriter, who moved back to Denmark after spending a decade in New York, gave birth, and got a divorce - all in 18 months.

Oh Land elaborates, "Everything I’d been working on musically suddenly seemed unimportant and irrelevant to the new life I had to slowly piece together. So I ditched all the songs and recordings I had done and started writing from the uncertainty of where I was."

Expanding on the intimacy of the record, Oh Land says, "As I have often found it, music is the best listener when you pour your heart out. In melody and music I’ve found some healing and the songs that have come out of it are deeply personal. I never planned to make this album, and yet the songs I’ve written couldn’t have been anything other than what’s here."

"I’ve gone back to the piano as the bones of my songwriting for this project,” she explains. “Working with Thomas allowed me to create an album that’s more organic, and more cinematic, than anything I’ve ever done before.”

Oh Land's last release was 2018's soundtrack Watermusic. Her last solo album release was 2014's Earth Sick.

"Human Error" is out now. Family Tree arrives 3 May. Revisit our 2015 polaroids feature with Oh Land.