The talented pair are familiar with each other's quirks and intricacies after working on "Faux" in 2014 and then "Alps" two years later. The sheer power of each united effort made it clear there was more to be mined from Novo Amor (aka Ali Lacey) and Tullett working together.

First Heiress cut "Cavalry" swoops through five minutes of cloud-wrapped folk peaks and windswept gorges of Bon Iver-y despair. It's a soul-rattling opus that takes you on two vastly different journeys - on the surface you go forth into desolate moors or frostbitten highlands, but underneath, in the tangled words, you head deep inside Lacey, Tullett, and perhaps even your own mind.

"It was nice to be around somebody who was so musically focused and who is so confident in his own ideas," Lacey says of his initial interactions with Tullett all those years ago. "It was great to just sit there and make music with him... it gave me an insight into how other people write songs, and it’s just nice to have ideas from other people sometimes, rather than me being stuck in my narrow-minded thinking of ‘I’m not really an artist, my songs have to be about a certain period of time… that’s all it is’."

Lacey and Tullett will play a range of European shows in November, including a date at London's Shoreditch Town Hall on 23 November. Find out more.

April saw the release of Lacey's solo stunner "Carry You"; Tullett released debut record Fiancé last year.

Heiress is out 10 November via Believe/Allpoints.