"Song 33" is Noname's first new track since last year's "Song 32". The new song is produced by Madlib, and fans reckon it could be a response to J. Cole's "Snow on Tha Bluff" track that landed on Tuesday (16 June).

In "Snow on Tha Bluff", J. Cole raps, "it's something about the queen tone that's botherin' me", adding later, "Just 'cause you woke and I'm not, that shit ain't no reason to talk like you better than me / How you gon' lead, when you attackin' the very same n****s that really do need the shit that you sayin'?"

Responding to speculation on whether his track is directed at Noname, J. Cole wrote on Twitter, "Right or wrong I can’t say, but I can say it was honest."

Noname responded to J. Cole's song in a now-deleted tweet. She wrote, "QUEEN TONE!"

"Song 33" sees Chicago's Noname rap, "But n****s in the back quiet as a church mouse / Basement studio when duty calls to get the verse out / I guess the ego hurt now / It's time to go to work, wow, look at him go / He really 'bout to write about me when the world is in smokes? / When it's people in trees? / When George was beggin' for his mother, saying he couldn't breathe / You thought to write about me?"

Last year, Noname teamed up with Saba and Smino to form Ghetto Sage. They released one track titled "Häagen Dazs".

Noname's "Song 33" track featuring production from Madlib is out now.