Back in April, Young revealed that he has been working on the first Crazy Horse record in seven years.

On his Archives site over the weekend, Young confirmed that Crazy Horse's first album since 2012's Psychedelic Pill will be arriving later this year, and shared the lead single title, "Rainbow of Colors".

Young revealed the new record will have "10 new songs ranging from around 3 minutes to over 13 minutes."

The Canadian folk legend also gave an update on one of the 15 film projects he cancelled his tour for, writing, "I have been continuing our work on 'Mountaintop Sessions', the documentary film about the making of COLORADO. It is a wild one folks, no holds barred. You will see the whole process just as it went down! Worts and all! I don’t think a film about this subject with the openness and intensity we have captured has ever been seen."

Read the full post on "Rainbow of Colors" lands later this month, and Colorado is due for release in October.