As well as Lincoln's track, James tackles works by The Beach Boys, Sonny and Cher, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Bob Dylan, and more.

"Even though she released this song in 1991 it felt so relevant to right now," James says of the new cover. "I think so many of us feel the world is falling apart right now - that the powers that be are trying to divide us and rip us apart… when I heard that song it just resonated deeply because there is such pain there but I feel she also is offering hope and realization that we need each other’s help in times of crisis."

"These are some of my favorite covers," adds James. "Songs I recorded trying to bring myself peace during a rough time or trying to make myself laugh or just have fun. I hope others can relate and enjoy the journey during these tough times and hopefully in times of peace and love as well!"

James is also set to reissue his 2009 EP Tribute To with an extra bonus track alongside the new full-length. The releases follow last year's solo album Eternally Even.

Tribute To 2

  1. "I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times" - The Beach Boys
  2. "Baby Don’t Go" - Sonny and Cher
  3. "Wild Honey" - Diane Izzo
  4. "Midnight, The Stars And You" - Ray Noble & Al Bowlly
  5. "Crying In The Chapel" - The Orioles
  6. "Funny How Time Slips Away" - Willie Nelson
  7. "Love Ss The Sweetest Thing" - Ray Noble & Al Bowlly
  8. "I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight" - Bob Dylan
  9. "Lucky Man" - Emerson, Lake and Palmer
  10. "The World Is Falling Down" - Abbey Lincoln
  11. "Blue Skies" - Irving Berlin

Tribute To

  1. "Long, Long, Long" - George Harrison
  2. "Behind That Locked Door" - George Harrison
  3. "Love You To" - George Harrison
  4. "My Sweet Lord" - George Harrison
  5. "Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)" - George Harrison
  6. "All Things Must Pass" - George Harrison
  7. "If Not For You" - Bob Dylan (Bonus Track)
Tribute To and Tribute To 2 are both released on 8 December via ATO.