Paul Alexander from Midlake is on a journey into a more psychedelic world. He explains, “I’d always wanted Midlake to experiment more with the arrangements, or to get more into psychedelic textures.”

Two Medicine is his new endeavour, and he has announced the debut album Astropsychosis.

"Gold" is the first track to be shared from the upcoming album, and glides softly and smoothly through the late afternoon sun.

Speaking about his new project, Alexander explains, “Two Medicine is a majestic place, without spoil. The land was ceded to the nation by the Blackfeet tribe. They were likely coerced into the deal, like most of the tribes who gave away their land. It is wild, humbling and probably collateral for the nation’s debt, where an inevitable capitulation looms. Beyond its geographical location, to me, the name Two Medicine represents a summation of this irony, whether created or inherited by the people of the United States.”

Two Medicine was born out of an unproductive period from Midlake, who hadn't toured since their 2013 album Antiphon. Alexander explains, "I wanted to find out if I could write songs and if I could sing them – basically, whether or not I could make an album on my own.”

The album was created across 15 months of hard work and experimentation. Alexander welcomed a few helping hands, including Eric Nichelson (owner of the old Midlake studio), Jesse Chandler (Midlake/Mercury Rev), Evan Jacobs and Matt Pence.

Alexander hasn't been totally unproductive in the build-up to Two Medicine. Turns out he helped John Grant on his long-awaited Love Is Magic album, which drops on 12 October. Alexander will also join John Grant on his European tour. Find out more.


  1. SF
  2. Oblivion
  3. Will Not
  4. Voice
  5. Gold
  6. An Eye For An I
  7. Astropsychosis
  8. Kuopio
  9. tmrw
"Gold" is available now. Two Medicine's Astropsychosis album arrives on 2 November via Bella Union.