The new single lands with visuals which star Mark Lanegan. Of the new visuals, Lanegan says, "I had a blast making this video. We had some friends over for dinner and Joe Cardamone met Donal Logue there and they hit it off. When I later talked to Joe about directing a vid he immediately said "Jimmy The Cab Driver" I called Donal and he laughed for like ten minutes and was totally into it. My head was pounding from laughing so hard the day of the shoot. It was extremely tough to keep a straight face when Donal was in character, he turned into an updated version of Jimmy so fast. Both Joe and Donal are brilliant. There's a reason it's the first video of mine I've been in for the last 15 years."

Somebody's Knocking was recorded in LA across 11 days, and is Mark Lanegan Band's first album since last year's With Animals collaborative album with Duke Garwood.


  1. Disbelief Suspension
  2. Letter Never Sent
  3. Night Flight To Kabul
  4. Dark Disco Jag
  5. Gazing From The Shore
  6. Stitch It Up
  7. Playing Nero
  8. Penthouse High
  9. Paper Hat
  10. Name and Number
  11. War Horse
  12. Radio Silence
  13. She Loved You
  14. Two Bells Ringing At Once
"Stitch It Up" is out now. Somebody's Knocking lands 18 October via Heavenly. Mark Lanegan Band play London's Roundhouse on 10 December. Find out more.