The track was one of a selection we were privy to ahead of our world exclusive interview with the singer-songwriter, and one that stood out as brandishing emotional and thematic gravitas. 

"I started writing that song when I went to a war memorial in Poland..." said Diamandis. "Something that somebody I was with said just struck me... they said 'It's not a very beautiful memorial, but it deserves to be visited to keep their memory alive.' That's how the song - well, the lyrics - started." Listening to the track recalls The Family Jewels' "Are You Satisfied?" and its Kierkegaardian take on the meaning of life. Continuing, Diamandis explained the unconscious bond between the songs: "They're not consciously related, but it's a good point. I guess both are talking about that need to feel fulfilled or live that kind of life that you would want to. It's hard. It's hard to be happy all the time - it's not natural - but that's what people want to be."

FROOT is due out 6 April on Atlantic, and can be pre-ordered in a range of scented, multi-coloured vinyl.

There's a video too, featuring home-shot footage of various stages in life. It's projected over Diamandis as she sings with a faraway glint in her eyes while in a cavernous warehouse.

Watch the clip below.