Following the drug-related death of a 30-year-old man at one of their events last Saturday, Manchester’s Warehouse Project have launched a new drug testing system to help clubbers be more cautious about what they indulge in.

The revolutionary system will come into place at the next club night – taking place on 11 October and featuring appearances by Rudimental and DJ EZ. The club intend to test drugs confiscated from party goers at the venue in a government-funded lab set up inside a trailer.

A Warehouse Project employee Sacha Lord, said of the scheme:

“Any drugs confiscated are going to be put through a machine, which in seconds evaluates what is the makeup of that particular confiscation. We can then send out messages via social media during the event.”


Organisers of the gig series spoke out at a recent press conference after the death of man who fell ill last week due to a “bad batch” of ecstasy. They explained their plans to increase security at the events and to install air conditioning units at the gig after many Warehouse Project attendees complained on the event’s Facebook page about about how hot and overcrowded it was inside the venue.

Promoters also revealed that a drug dealer was arrested inside the club on the night of the dead. Unfortunately he “then went onto ingest copious amounts of his own product, leading him to be hospitalised”. The dealer has since recovered and been taken into police custody.