"Tell Me I Exist" is the second taste of the new record, arriving after last month's "Can You Find Her Place".

Phantom Forest will be Ainsworth's third album, and first since 2017's Darling of the Afterglow.

Ainsworth produced her upcoming full-length herself. She sees the album "as a play taking place in Mother Nature's vanishing home."

She adds, "Even if I'm dealing purely with synths, the songs are like a score, each one an evolving journey. I love to use strings so I've included my string arrangements on "Tell Me I Exist" and "Can You Find Her Place"."


  1. Diamonds Cutting Diamonds
  2. Tell Me I Exist
  3. Can You Find Her Place
  4. Edge Of The Throne
  5. Kiss The Future
  6. The Time
  7. Give It Back To You
  8. Floating Dream
  9. Green Is The Color (Pink Floyd cover)

"Tell Me I Exist" is out now. Phantom Forest is released 10 May. Revisit Lydia Ainsworth's favourite Nine Songs.