These latest numbers link up with "Cred Woes" to preview Liars' eighth LP and first since 2014's acclaimed Mess. It sees Angus Andrew head to his native Australia to write and record following the "amicable" departure of Aaron Hemphill.

"My favourite feeling is going into the complete unknown," explains Andrew in a statement. "What's the point in making something you know you can? My goal was to make creative decisions that keep me awake at night."

Liars have lots of European and North American shows planned, beginning with a set at London's VISIONS Festival this month - find out more.

Check out "The Grand Delusional" below and find the TFCF tracklist after.


  1. The Grand Delusional
  2. Cliché Suite
  3. Staring At Zero
  4. No Help Pamphlet
  5. Face to Face With My Face
  6. Emblems of Another Story
  7. No Tree No Branch
  8. Cred Woes
  9. Coins in My Caged Fist
  10. Ripe Ripe Rot
  11. Crying Fountain
TFCF is out 25 August via Mute.