There hasn't been any new music from Lauv since he teamed up with DallasK on "Try Again" last summer, but last night (18 January) on socials, Lauv gave an exciting update on his new music.

In the video shared on socials, Lauv said excitedly, "My album is done. My next album is fucking done. Mixed, mastered, ready to fucking go."

As well as confirming his new album, which will follow his 2020 debut ~how i'm feeling~, is complete, Lauv shared news of the first single, "The first song, "26", comes out on the 28th of this month, January 2022."

As well as releasing his debut album ~how i'm feeling~ in 2020, Lauv delivered his Without You EP.

Lauv's "26" single will be released on 28 January.