"Clarity" will be the seventh single to be released by Petras in six weeks, after "Broken", "Got My Number", "Blow It All", "Sweet Spot", "All I Do Is Cry", and "Do Me".

Speaking about her experiences and songwriting, Petras says, "I have unique experiences and have had unique experiences, because I am transgender. Those experiences one-hundred percent go into my music. Being the outcast and being bullied makes you work harder in life. Ihad to fight for everything, because I was not the cool kid and had very few friends. At the same time, I’m just a girlgoing through heartbreak. It feels the same way to me as any other girl would feel about it. Whether or not you connect with people has nothing to do with your gender or sexuality."

"Clarity" will drop later tonight. Kim Petras will play a headline show at London's Heaven on 27 August. Find out more.