Danish dark-pop sorceress Kill J (aka Julie Aagaard) is accruing praise at an astonishing rate, but it's easy to see why: her ruthless experiments in melody are as genius as they are addictive. Latest track "Propaganda" smacks down everyday sexism whilst blurring the bone-splintering world of FKA Twigs with brash house bass and just a touch of Billy Squier's "The Big Beat".

Oslo's Eirik Tillerli and Filip Kollsete - together flying under the banner of Loveless - have risen to the top of the pile in a relatively swift time, with latest single "They Don't Know" being flung far and wide. It's buffed nu-garage pop, leaning towards Disclosure's precise form of dance music and Honne's warm soul tones. Their success is such that they've been able to launch a club night themselves in Oslo, Klubb Loveless (featuring guests like Artful Dodger and NVOY).

MAASAI, the Stockholm-based twosome of Dominique Teymouri and Zackarias Ekelund, make emotionally wrought pop, with sweeping chords and a dramatic sense of space - it's difficult to fathom that there are only two bodies behind the noise. Recent cut "Forgive Me" teases their upcoming debut record, and sees the pair venture into expansive key-led pop environments.

The next Ja Ja Ja club night takes place 29 October at The Lexington. Tickets are £7 in advance, or a fiver for Ja Ja Ja members (sign up for free and get other goodies too!).

Preview this month's artists below.

Kill J - "Propaganda"

Loveless - "They Don't Know (feat. Varren Wade)"

MAASAI - "Forgive Me"