Icelandic singer/songwriter Axel Flóvent kicked things off with a melancholy troubadour sound recalling the likes of Damien Rice and Justin Vernon but with added melancholy. Four piece The Fjords hail from Norway (well, technically one of them is Faroese) and are based in Trondheim. They brought an innovatively mournful take on synth pop to The Lexington and showed the crowd why they're one of the hottest things in Norway right now.

Danish outfit CHINAH (pictured above) closed the evening. The trio dropped their debut single back in July and delivered a sensual, vocal-led electronic-RNB experience unlike anything we've heard before at Ja Ja Ja.

Ja Ja Ja continues next month with three more artists to be announced soon for October's event. Sign up for free membership be the first to hear whose playing.