Okay, so it wasn't originally Elvis' tune, but he made it the festive staple it is today. "Blue Christmas" was originally by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson, and Morby has explained how he made it his own.

"Kyle [Thomas, King Tuff] and I have spent Christmas together for the past two years, so I thought it appropriate to record a Chris Kringle jam with him in his home studio," says Morby to Noisey. "On Christmas Day Kyle usually dresses like an elf and skips around and screams 'Christmas!' every five minutes or so. Christmas in LA is a funny thing, it's usually about 65 degrees and sunny out so it always feels a little psychedelic that's it's actually Christmas Day, after growing up in the Midwest where it usually snows, or at the very least is very cold. But there's something special about celebrating the Holidays in the sun. Anyways Kyle and I chose 'Blue Christmas' because I wanted to pretend I was Elvis for an afternoon, and we had a great time making it. Truth be told, the whole thing was a Christmas Miracle."

Morby's latest LP - the very excellent City Music - landed over the summer.

Hear Charly Bliss' rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You", which also features on Amazon's massive Indie For The Holidays compilation.